Participants are required to prepare and present in front of the judges one cocktail, which translates Beluga Vodka taste, brand style and values.
The cocktail shall be inspired by one of the art styles – ART DECO, SURREALISM or POP ART which participant received in a lucky draw the day before the challenge.

Remember :
Perfection is created, not made.


Lucia Montanelli

The Bar at the Dorcester,
London, UK

Maxim Gladyshkevich

Friend’s Cocktail Bar,
Novosibirsk, Russia

Yann Lautredou

Le Tsuba Hotel,
Paris, France



Philip Duff

Spirits expert and educator, Beluga Signature Bartender School Director of Education, 15th most influential figure in the Bar World, Judge

Nico De Soto

Globe-Trotting bartender, Bar owner at MACE (NYC), DANICO (Paris) and KAIDO (Miami), 22nd most influential figure in the Bar World, Judge

Giacomo Giannoti

Award winning bartender, Bar owner at Paradiso (Barcelona), one of the 50 World’s Best Bars, Judge

Olga Chuvorkina

Fine Arts expert, Member of the Russian arts critics association,  Judge